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Chisel Types and Operators

Dive into the fundamental aspects of Chisel – data types and operators – in this detailed guide. Understand the role and application of Bits, UInt, SInt, and Boolean in Chisel. Learn to implement bitwise and arithmetic operators, bit reduction operations, and more. Useful for FPGA developers aiming for an in-depth understanding of Chisel’s building blocks.
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How to install chisel with docker ?

I promise this is the last tool installation with docker I do… for now. In this ticket you will find a link to my GitHub with a Dockerfile that will allow you to install the hardware description language CHISEL. Next week I will write an article on how to use chisel with Yosys, Icestorm and NextPnR by modify what I did with my article “From HDL to FPGA Bitstream with Open Source toolchain”. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter down below if you want to be notify ;)
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