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Basic Digital Design For FPGA

Begin your FPGA journey with ease ! Perfect for students, hobbyists, and aspiring engineers eager to learn digital design fundamentals.

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Dive into digital design with our interactive course designed to prepare you for your first FPGA project or help land your first FPGA job. No prior experience required!

Course Features

4 Detailed Modules, over 91 text lessons, and 53 interactive exercises totaling approximately 8 hours of coursework.



Interactive Exercises: Practice directly on our web platform—no installations necessary! Get instant feedback to learn from mistakes swiftly.

Learn Chisel: A beginner-friendly, modern hardware description language that reduces boilerplate code, allowing you to focus on core concepts.





I am Theophile Loubiere, a junior FPGA engineer with four years of industry experience at prominent French tech companies.

As a recent learner myself, I understand the challenges beginners face and have tailored this course to make learning accessible to everyone.

Passionate about open-source and innovative teaching methods, I chose Chisel for its simplicity and powerful features, setting you up for success in FPGA design.


Course Overview

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Data types and operators: Understand how to handle data and how to make operations. It covers the main combinatory operation.

Learn about Bitwise operations, arithmetic operations, Masking techniques, and more


Memory : How to store and sync your data inside your FPGA with DFF, Registers, TFF, ReSync etc. 

Data Control flow : How to control the data flow with Multiplexers, Switch Cases, FSM and more


Basic Blocks : the basics blocks that you will need in nearly every design you will have to design.

FIFO (First In First Out memory), RAM (Random Access Memory), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), and more.

Continuous Improvement and Future Features


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Don’t wait ! Start mastering FPGA today! Enroll now and transform your understanding of digital design with immediate access to all course materials.