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From Gaming to Verification : A Beginner’s Guide to UVM

Discover UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) through intuitive gaming analogies. This guide breaks down UVM essentials, making complex concepts approachable. Ideal for quick understanding without the fluff.
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How to solve a Sudoku with SBY ?

Using formal verification to solve a Sudoku ? go check the article I wrote on YosysHQ blog
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Trying Formal Verification with SymbiYosys and Chisel

Discover the practical applications of formal verification in hardware design. In this post, we’ll explore how tools like SymbiYosys can make the verification process accessible and effective. Learn from real-world examples, and understand the value of integrating formal verification into your design workflow.
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How to write a testbench with chisel ?

Taking the first steps into FPGA design can often be hindered by bugs in unverified designs. Dive into my latest post where I unravel the essentials of crafting testbenches in Chisel3.
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How to write your first Cocotb Testbench

Welcome to cocotb adventurer, I will be your guide on a journey through the realm of testing digital designs. Our destination: the land of efficient and effective verification. To embark on this quest, you will need to arm yourself with knowledge of the motivations behind cocotb, the tools to install it, and the courage to dive into code. With every step, I will be by your side, explaining the finer details of the code and showing you how to run the tests. By the end of this journey, you will have the knowledge and confidence to navigate the land of cocotb with ease. So, grab your shields of determination and your swords of curiosity, let’s begin our adventure.
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