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Digital Design With Chisel


You can get the free pdf here

I recently got my hands on this book about digital design, and it’s primarily centered around Chisel, a hardware construction language. What caught my attention is how Chisel incorporates concepts from software engineering, like object-oriented and functional languages, straight into the realm of digital design.

This read is great for both hardware designers and software engineers. If you’re a hardware designer familiar with Verilog or VHDL, this book can introduce you to a more modern language for your upcoming FPGA projects. And if you’re on the software side and already know about object-oriented and functional programming, the book helps you use that knowledge to delve into hardware programming.

What I liked about this book was its hands-on approach. It uses real-world examples of typical hardware components to give readers a genuine feel for designing with Chisel.

Author : Martin Schoeberl


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