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Python For RTL Verification


After reading Python for RTL Verification, I felt like I was given a practical toolkit for RTL verification. The book doesn’t just teach you Python—it helps you really understand how to apply it to testbench development using cocotb. It then goes deeper, introducing advanced verification techniques with pyuvm.

The cool part? The book unpacks the well-known Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) but does it using Python. And given how widely-used Python is, this felt like a really accessible way to get to grips with UVM. I also appreciated the focus on preparing for verification interviews. By the end, I could confidently work on advanced testbenches in Python and even decipher SystemVerilog/UVM testbenches more easily.

For anyone looking to add Python to their verification skill set, Python for RTL Verification is a valuable read.

Author : Ray Salemi


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